Tuesday, April 25, 2017

MoCapture is released!

MoCapture v.1.0

MoCapture is a utility plugin for 3ds Max 2017, that you can find in Utilities Panel. 

v.1.0 Features include:
- Automatic facial capture without markers and expensive equipment
- Easy setup of links between controllers and manipulators
- Supports any facial rigs, but 'Morpher' modifier-based rigs are recommended
- Supports Float Limit controllers
- Load / Save configuration file
- Supports PC-compatible video capture devices
- Records video stream inside Max

Announcement: v2.0 in development

- Automatic body and hand tracking without markers and expensive equipment
- Lip Sync support for facial animation
- Support kinect sensor
- Support save data to max scene
- Improve tracking algorithm
- Support machine learning

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